Our Policies

The only term and condition as for now is, if anyone tries to access any part of the website other than the navigations and links provided on the website will be considered as hacking and will be taken as serious legal offence. Please do not misunderstand with debugging as hacking. If you come across any bug and informs us, than be sure that you will be rewarded as per the guidelines from management.

This is a policy which is very simple in case of Exzire, as we provide online services, so once the payment is successful we deliver the service to your panel. You can access the services using “My Account” Section.

Our top most priority is to take care of your privacy. We never sell your data to anyone as we can’t sell our customers to others. All the data is being protected with the best of our efforts.

We currently don’t have a refund policy for the services which are availed. But we do have a refund option for the services which you (because of some reason) were not able to avail. For ex. If you booking a domain and while you were in the process of payment or something somebody else either from us or from somewhere else registers same domain. Then we will refund the money to you by the same means you have made the payment after deducting bank’s fee.

Once the order is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled.

You can click on the "Login" button on top right of the screen and then click on new registration to register yourself.

You can see the details and price of each service by selecting the service from the navigation menu. As the prices are dynamic they will be refreshed and updated once they are changed.